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Our mission is to make awesome software available to everyone, everywhere.

San Francisco



Employees in 10 Countries


Ready to Run Applications

1 Million+

Deployments Per Month

We make it possible for anyone to quickly deploy software on the platform of their choice, from native installers to cloud images to containers.

Bitnami is the leading provider of packaged applications for any platform. The Bitnami application automation platform delivers and maintains a catalog of ready-to-run server applications and development environments in partnership with the world's leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and more. That same application automation platform that drives over 1 million deployments per month is also available to Enterprise developers looking to streamline their software development processes. Based in San Francisco CA, and with offices around the world, Bitnami is proud to be a rapidly growing self-funded and profitable company.

Our Values

Our decision making is guided by the Bitnami values, which put simply challenges us to engineer simple solutions to the ever-changing complex problems that our users face, and to work collaboratively through that process:

Make It So

When Captain Picard said, "make it so", he meant make it happen. Everyone at Bitnami works hard and takes ownership to make great things happen every day.

Value Simplicity

Engineer simple solutions to complex problems.

Stay Curious

By asking "why," we open our minds to new solutions, innovation and continuous improvement.

Empower Users

We look at technology from the perspective of every user and ask how we can help them push the boundaries of what's possible.

Team Up

Working and supporting each other as a team enables us to tackle bigger challenges and improve personally and professional.