The Bitnami Team

We are changing how people install and manage server software, making it easier than ever for everyone to run their favorite apps and development frameworks. By eliminating the complexity involved in installing server software, we make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to deploy software in minutes with native installers for Windows, OS X and Linux, as VMware or in the cloud.

From a developer getting started with the latest web technology stack, to the small business that wants to host their own CRM in the cloud, to the IT manager that wants to standardize how his infrastructure is managed, Bitnami saves users countless hours of configuring and setting up servers.

Open source roots run deep at Bitnami and we are happy to contribute to the continued success of the open source applications we package, many of which are often better and more flexible than their commercial counterparts. We do so by lowering the technical barrier to its adoption and making them accessible to a larger audience.

We partner with Amazon, Microsoft and other cloud providers to make cloud-based application hosting a snap. Read more about how we do it.

Quick Facts

  • Locations

    Bitnami was born in 2011 with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Seville, Spain and Krakow, Poland.

  • Customers

    Over a million apps and dev stacks are deployed through Bitnami each month by all types of businesses, educational institutions, non-profits and individual users around the world.

  • Growth

    We are fast-growing, profitable, and part of Y Combinator (Winter 2013).


  • Daniel lopez

    Daniel Lopez CEO and Co-Founder

    Daniel Lopez A former contributor to the Apache project, Daniel is now helping to manage Bitnami world domination, one app at a time.

  • Erica brescia

    Erica Brescia COO and Co-Founder

    Erica Brescia Erica is searching for a way to clone our team members so we can bring more apps to more users! She also manages company operations, business development, and more.

  • Philip smith

    Philip Smith CFO

    Philip Smith Philip is our CFO, handling the numbers side of the business. Originally from the UK he has worked with many startups, including the one that invented the TouchID fingerprint device now in the iPhone. Philip enjoys travel, photography, wine (preferably together), driving his old MG and his family.

  • Simon bennett

    Simon Bennett VP of Product

    Simon Bennett Simon is the VP of Product at Bitnami. He makes sure Bitnami is delighting its users, customers and partners. When not rolling-up-his-sleeves-and-getting-things-done for Bitnami he's probably collaborating in an elaborate craft project with one of his sons.

  • David dennis

    David Dennis VP of Marketing

    David Dennis David provides marketing leadership for Bitnami. He keeps the team energetic, creative, laughing, and sometimes full (when he brings in his cooking). David enjoys Olympic weightlifting, trivia contests, audiophilia, collecting jazz vinyl, comic books, cooking, traveling, and his wife and pets.

  • Dale brown

    Dale Brown VP of Business Development

    Dale Brown Dale is the VP of Business Development. He is constantly seeking ways for Bitnami's partners and users to be even more successful with our platform. Building people, places and things that make things better is his intrinsic focus and passion.

  • Rick spencer

    Rick Spencer VP of Engineering

    Rick Spencer Rick is passionate about leading high performing development teams through clarity of vision, focus on quality, and keeping the user at the center of decision making. When not working, Rick is playing video games, programming, making pizzas, or spending time with his family in Washington, DC.

  • Inaki izaola

    Inaki Izaola Director of Operations

    Inaki Izaola Inaki is the Director of Operations in Bitnami, and our very own "travel ninja". He makes sure that all the administrative tasks in the company are running smoothly. He loves rollercoasters, musicals, dogs, and traveling.

  • Kevin franklin

    Kevin Franklin Director of Business Development, Europe

    Kevin Franklin Kevin is growing and developing Bitnami's partnerships in Europe, Asia ...and beyond. He is based in his native London where he thrives on danger by cycling around, and tries to persuade his three kids that helping to look after the Bitnami 'London Office' is the coolest thing they could ever do.

  • Ian kallen

    Ian Kallen Director of Platform Architecture

    Ian Kallen Ian Kallen is an entrepreneurial technologist and leader who enjoys jumping into the intersection of social and technical changes to make the world a better place. Ian is an "arm chair" guitarist and enjoys a variety of music genres. He is passionate about creativity and lateral thinking but he has also often been spotted sailing and working out.

  • Victor tuson

    Victor Tuson Director of Engineering

    Victor Tuson

  • Sebastien goasguen

    Sebastien Goasguen Senior Director of Cloud Technologies

    Sebastien Goasguen

The Team

  • Victoria ponce

    Victoria Ponce Technical Onboarding Manager

    Victoria Ponce Victoria develops Bitnami, coordinates the European team, keeps us on schedule, and apparently never sleeps.

  • Daniel liszka

    Daniel Liszka Tech Lead

    Daniel Liszka Daniel "Danoo" Liszka works on web applications development, backend, cloud-based solutions and processes automation. As one of the first employees, he's worked on just about everything!

  • Beltran rueda

    Beltran Rueda Engineering Manager

    Beltran Rueda Beltran oversees our engineering team in Europe and makes sure everything runs smoothly. He enjoys traveling around the world speaking at user groups.

  • Carlos sanchez

    Carlos Sanchez Senior Engineer

    Carlos Sanchez Carlos works on the Bitnami web services development, deployment and the internal cloud architecture and automation. He is also an expert in zapping any bugs he finds in the code.

  • Juanjo medina

    Juanjo Medina Senior Engineer

    Juanjo Medina Juanjo works in web development and application packaging and deployment. He likes to code in his pajamas.

  • Wojciech kocjan

    Wojciech Kocjan Senior Engineer

    Wojciech Kocjan Wojciech is a Senior Engineer at Bitnami. Long time open source contributor. Loves electronic gadgets.

  • Miranda myerholtz

    Miranda Myerholtz Operations Manager

    Miranda Myerholtz Miranda never skips a beat while managing all office needs for the San Francisco team. When not working, which is rare, Miranda finds time to practice yoga and cooking.

  • Miguel martinez trivino

    Miguel Martinez Triviño Senior Engineer

    Miguel Martinez Triviño When he's not busy with his duties as 'Bitnami Guy', or in the gym setting a new CrossFit record, Miguel works hard to keep Bitnami's back-end operations in ship shape.

  • Adnan abdulhussein

    Adnan Abdulhussein Engineer

    Adnan Abdulhussein A Rubyist at heart, Adnan works on Bitnami's web development team. If he's not hacking on something you might find him watching Doctor Who, or relaxing with a nice book.

  • Alejandro ruiz

    Alejandro Ruiz Engineer

    Alejandro Ruiz Alejandro loves smartphones, and is laughing all day. When he's not laughing, he watches TV series and eats pizza!

  • Andres martinez

    Andrés Martinez Engineer

    Andrés Martinez Andrés is one of our stack developers. When he's is not with his computer he's on his own cloud.

  • Juan jose martos

    Juan Jose Martos Engineer

    Juan Jose Martos Our second Juan Jose works on whatever the stack team request. When he's not finding out new things at Bitnami, he's eating spanish food. He's also able to auto-hack our website.

  • Marcos bjorkelund

    Marcos Bjorkelund Engineer

    Marcos Bjorkelund Marcos is a multilingual developer, so don't be afraid if he suddenly starts speaking in C. In his free time, you might catch him watching some of his favorite TV shows or working at new ideas.

  • Tomas pizarro

    Tomás Pizarro Engineer

    Tomás Pizarro Tomás (A.K.A. Shely) doesn't need a calendar to remember everything ... and watch out, do not sit in his chair!

  • Vikram vaswani

    Vikram Vaswani Technical Writer

    Vikram Vaswani Vikram Vaswani is the author of seven PHP and MySQL books, an expert with more than 15 years of experience in open source product development, and a master in the ways of the Force.

  • Wojciech tworzydlo

    Wojciech Tworzydło Media

    Wojciech Tworzydło Wojciech creates promotional and instructional videos at Bitnami. He needs a constant supply of coffee to function properly.

  • Gonzalo gomez gracia

    Gonzalo Gómez Gracia Engineer

    Gonzalo Gómez Gracia Gonzalo is a proud member of the Bitnami team (and a Bitnami Bootcamp alumni). He loves basketball and challenges. When he's focused, he will either be coding or reading a Matilde Asensi book. He is also the official beer expert in Bitnami.

  • David gomez leon

    David Gómez León Engineer

    David Gómez León As part of the stack team, David takes care of packaging our awesome apps. He loves electronic music and joking, so don't take him too seriously!

  • Jorge marin torres

    Jorge Marín Torres Engineer

    Jorge Marín Torres When not busy making things work at Bitnami, multitasking or planning new projects, you may find him doing wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

  • Fernando crespo

    Fernando Crespo Site Reliability Engineer

    Fernando Crespo Fernando loves technology and sports. When he is not in the office or dealing with whatever new stuff you will find him running around a park or at Huelva's beach.

  • Brad bock

    Brad Bock Partner Success Manager

    Brad Bock Brad is dedicated to making Bitnami Commercial ISV Partners happy and successful. When he isn't helping partners flourish in the clouds, he's usually at home playing mad scientist in the kitchen.

  • Javier aguadero

    Javier Aguadero Engineer

    Javier Aguadero When he is not working, he is spending his time with his friends or attending to one of his many hobbies: playing the guitar, watching tv series...

  • Carlos rodriguez

    Carlos Rodríguez Engineer

    Carlos Rodríguez Carlos loves to try out every piece of new technology that he can find and enjoys talking about the latest news in the tech world. When he is not in the office you may find him watching TV shows or playing videogames. Watch out if he tries to tell you one of his riddles. They're mind blowing!

  • Jose daniel rios

    José Daniel Rios Engineer

    José Daniel Rios José Daniel it's not only great in developing new stacks but also acting in plays and designing awesome things. He's the guy of the hundred names, and he welcomes anyone to discover them all.

  • Alvaro recio

    Álvaro Recio Engineer

    Álvaro Recio Álvaro is a proud member of the stack team and a real passionate about technology. When he's not fiddling with his gadgets you may find him playing board games or engaged in an epic duel with fellow Planeswalkers!

  • Josei paris

    José Ignacio París Architect

    José Ignacio París José Ignacio enjoys learning new technologies every day for fun, but only when he's not playing the guitar with his group, or drawing with his daughter

  • C sanchez

    Carlos Sánchez Cazorla Engineering Manager

    Carlos Sánchez Cazorla Carlos fell in love with technology when he disassembled his father's computer: a fabulous Amstrad CPC 6128. When he's not overseeing his team, he plays drums in a rock band.

  • Raj rikhy

    Raj Rikhy Product Manager - Cloud Platforms

    Raj Rikhy Raj is the Product Manager of Cloud Platforms at Bitnami. His focus is equipping users, customers, and partners to accelerate the journey into the cloud. He is an admitted adrenaline junkie and has a passion for traveling. He is a HUGE Trekkie.

  • Marcy akard

    Marcy Akard Finance Manager

    Marcy Akard Marcy leads our accounting dept out of the SF office and enjoys running, all kinds of racing, playoff sports, and Michigan sports. Go Blue!

  • Jose fuentes

    Jose Fuentes Engineer

    Jose Fuentes He was born with a screwdriver under the arm, loves to disassemble anything that comes into his hands. When he is not fixing something, you can find him in the kitchen making some experiments.

  • Mavian ruiz

    Mavian Ruiz Partner Marketing Manager

    Mavian Ruiz When Mavian is not busy building our partner's marketing efforts, she can be found watching reruns of Parks and Recreation, drinking a glass of red wine or catching up on all the latest fashion trends. Sometimes, she even multitasks and does all three!

  • John marbach

    John Marbach Marketing Operations Manager

    John Marbach John is the Marketing Operations Manager at Bitnami. His focus is on generating increased awareness of Bitnami in developer communities across the world, specifically by developing direct marketing campaigns and optimizing our website integrations. He loves pizza and airplanes.

  • Kelsey stewart

    Kelsey Stewart Office Manager

    Kelsey Stewart Kelsey is an avid Jeopardy! watcher, Top Chef wannabe and donut connoisseur. She's a huge fan of calendaring, making lists and strives to be the root of office happiness. Most importantly, she's on the hunt for the perfect strawberry glazed donut. Please reach out immediately if you have any insider information.

  • David gonzalez

    David González Engineer

    David González David, also known as "The Guy That Fixes Stuff" (for free!), is a proud member of Bitnami team and is really passionate about technology. When he is not coding or trying to make the cloud a better place, he is welding and learning about IoT.

  • Jose andres

    José Andrés Jarana Engineer

    José Andrés Jarana Jose works on the Stack Team. When he is not creating awesome stacks, he will probably be watching Formula 1 races or doing Pythonic things.

  • Juan ariza

    Juan Ariza Engineer

    Juan Ariza Juan is a part of our Stack Team and he always tries to find the easiest way to solve problems. He has two passions: Betis and food. When not in the office emptying our food reserves, you will find him watching a Betis soccer match or emptying anyone else's reserves.

  • Jose luis

    Jose Luis Oramas Engineering Manager

    Jose Luis Oramas Jose Luis makes sure the engineering team in Europe runs smoothly and at is it's best. He's a real passionate of technology, 3D printers and science fiction movies.

  • Javier salmeron

    Javier Salmeron Engineer

    Javier Salmeron Javier, as a proper (crazy) early adopter, loves breaking and reinstalling his Operating System every two weeks. Passionate about FOSS, videogames and film-making, one day will direct "Bitnami's movie" (title in progress), which will include inspiring achievements, drama, shark tornadoes and mechas.

  • Sameer naik

    Sameer Naik Engineer

    Sameer Naik Sameer is an early adopter of the Docker container engine and is the author of some popular Docker images. At Bitnami he works on packaging the Bitnami application catalogue in Docker containers. He is a wannabe musician and in his free time he likes to contribute code to open source projects.

  • Neal samarakkody

    Neal Samarakkody Product Manager - Web

    Neal Samarakkody Neal makes it effortless for Bitnami users to launch the right apps on the right platform. When he's not working, he likes to go to music festivals and drink wine, travel internationally and drink wine, and just drink wine.

  • Nikhil kothari

    Nikhil Kothari Cloud Program Manager

    Nikhil Kothari Nikhil manages Cloud Platform Partners at Bitnami. He is constantly thinking about ways to enable both partners and customers to do more in the cloud in a simpler way. Outside of work, Nikhil enjoys exploring places and cultures, live music and being outdoors.

  • James westby

    James Westby Senior Engineer

    James Westby James is a Senior Engineer on the Tools team, based in the UK. He also enjoys contributing to Open Source Software, brewing his own beer, and cooking.

  • Angel de miguel

    Ángel M de Miguel Engineer

    Ángel M de Miguel Ángel is a front-end developer who loves to make users happy. He likes to research new technologies and play video games since he started with the old MS-DOS computer of his father and a Super Nintendo. Ángel always thinks that Open Source rocks!

  • Martin albisetti

    Martin Albisetti Senior Software Architect

    Martin Albisetti Martin has been sitting in front of a computer for as long as computers remember. He's been into Open Source before it was cool, and has always been strangely attracted to writing code that runs on servers. He loves tinkering with things and working with people.

  • Michael nguyen

    Michael Nguyen Product Manager - Enterprise

    Michael Nguyen Michael Nguyen is the Product Manager - Enterprise at Bitnami. He is responsible for building meaningful innovative solutions for our enterprise customers. In his spare time he dodges Uber drivers and shuttle buses while riding/running in San Francisco.

  • Jorge bianquetti

    Jorge Bianquetti Technical Lead

    Jorge Bianquetti Jorge likes technology, cinema and science, loves to learn about anything (from macro economics to physics, through ancient history), but whenever possible he looks after his vegetable garden. He dreams on getting the perfect gazpacho to eradicate hunger in the world.

  • Michiel dhont

    Michiel d'Hont Technical Support Specialist

    Michiel d'Hont Michiel is a Technical Support Specialist at Bitnami. He taught himself how to program. During a visit in 2000 he fell in love with Seville and decided to stay. He loves biking in the countryside, and he has been active as a singer songwriter, even playing in bars and in the streets of Sevilla.

  • Bridget mcerlean

    Bridget McErlean Engineer

    Bridget McErlean Bridget is a member of the Tools team, based in Bristol, UK. She loves knitting, has more yarn than she would like to admit, and likes to use her programming talents to make knitting related software. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and playing the piano. She is definitely a cat person.

  • Raquel campuzano godoy

    Raquel Campuzano Godoy Technical Writer

    Raquel Campuzano Godoy Raquel loves to make the complicated simple. She is communications specialist and technical writer. Her interests are a strange mix between literature and technology. She prefers Kafka, the novelist, but Apache Kafka is about to seduce her.

  • Silvio fernandez marin

    Silvio Fernández Engineer

    Silvio Fernández Silvio likes a good chat over all types of weather, tech, and politics... Even better if it is in a dunny terrace with good company and a cold beer!

  • Carlos rodriguez hernandez

    Carlos Rodríguez Hernández Engineer

    Carlos Rodríguez Hernández When he is not in the office, he's usually practicing different sports. He likes to watch TV shows (he loves Game of Thrones) or to read a good book. He also likes to watch the sky with his telescope.

  • Andres bono jimenez

    Andrés Bono Engineer

    Andrés Bono Andrés loves making stuff work and learning about new technologies. He's always planning a new outdoor activity or a weekend project. Outside of the office, you can find him doing DIY tasks or relaxing in the countryside.

  • David barranco alfonso

    David Barranco Engineer

    David Barranco David is passionate about new technologies and machine learning. When he is not in the office he enjoys practicing any kind of sport and hacking on raspberry pi's.

  • Angus lees

    Angus Lees Senior Engineer

    Angus Lees Angus is a computing generalist who likes making things that Just Work. In those rare moments where he isn't thinking about a computing problem, he likes growing food, cooking food, and (most of all) eating food.

  • Marko mikulicic

    Marko Mikulicic Senior Engineer

    Marko Mikulicic Marko doesn't like to speak in third person. Instead, he does like to know how things work, and thinks the best way to do it is to make them. He likes living in the middle of nowhere; his preferred network is IP-over-donkeyback.


We're fortunate to have great investors:

Diego Basch
Diego Basch

Diego is an engineer, advisor, entrepreneur, and investor to many technology companies. He was former CEO of IndexTank, a real-time full text search application, which was opened sourced under the Apache license in 2011. Before IndexTank, Diego founded Flaptor (now called Searchify), a software company that specialized in search and information retrieval. He was director of engineering at XoopIT and has held senior engineering roles at LookSmart and Inktomi.

Peter Courture
Peter Courture

Peter Courture is SVP Strategy for United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC) and has more than 30 years advising and working in technology, media and engineering companies, especially with respect to intellectual property, alliances and licensing and global business transactions. He is also an instructor at Stanford Law School and a court appointed neutral for the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California.

Elad Gil
Elad Gil

Elad is a serial entrepreneur, operating executive, and investor and advisor to several private companies. Previously he was the VP of Corporate Strategy at Twitter, as well as ran various product teams (Geo, Search). He joined Twitter via the acquisition of MixerLabs, a company was co-founder and CEO of. MixerLabs ran GeoAPI, one of the early developer-centric platform infrastructure products. Elad spent many years at Google, where he started the mobile team and was involved in all aspects of getting the team up and running. Involved with 3 acquisitions (including the Android team) and was the original product manager for Google Mobile Maps and other key mobile products.

Eric Hahn
Eric Hahn

Eric Hahn is the founding partner of the Inventures Group, a leading "mentor investment" firm based in Palo Alto, California. At Inventures, Mr. Hahn has served as a director and/or has been actively involved with companies including Red Hat, Zimbra, Opsware, Proofpoint, and Good Technology. Previously, Mr. Hahn served as the CTO for Netscape Communications, Inc. and was a member of the company's Executive Committee. In addition, Mr. Hahn was the founder and CEO of Collabra Software, Inc., a leading groupware provider that was acquired by Netscape in 1995. Prior to Collabra, Mr. Hahn ran the cc:Mail division of Lotus Development Corporation. Mr. Hahn began his career at Bolt, Beranek and Newman, where he worked on the ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet. Mr. Hahn serves as a Trustee of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California and holds a B.S. degree and an honorary Ph.D. in computer science from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Othman Laraki
Othman Laraki

Othman is an investor and entrepreneur. He has founded several companies, the latest of which was acquired by Twitter, where he was VP of Product, responsible for Growth, Revenue and International. Before MixerLabs, Othman was at Google, where he managed a number of products including the Google Toolbar, Google Gears, early Firefox extensions, as well FastNet (real-time fetching and caching infrastructure). Prior to Google, Othman was at ACCESS Systems, where he ran server-side engineering. Othman currently serves on the board of directors of ESI Group, a publicly traded French software company. Othman has an MBA from MIT and a BS + MS in Computer Science & Industrial Engineering from Stanford.

Jun Li
Jun Li

Jun is a serial entrepreneur who has founded five startups in the US and Japan. He is currently the founding partner of CSR Venture / iCamp, a seed fund and acceleration program for mobile internet startups focusing on China. Previously, he was CEO for Anova Solutions, COO at eTop technology, and director of research and development at Cadence Design Systems.

Danielle Morrill
Danielle Morrill

Danielle Morrill is the CEO & Cofounder of Mattermark. She previously held the same role at Referly and was the first non-founding member of cloud communications platform company Twilio. She advocates for and advises entrepreneurs through Startup Weekend, Twilio Fund, and as a mentor to 500 Startups. She was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 for Social/Mobile Technology in 2011.

Ullas Naik
Ullas Naik

Ullas is the founder of the seed stage investment firm, Streamlined Ventures. The firm is focused on investing in transformational companies that are building enabling technologies for the Web, Mobile Web, Social Web and Enterprise. He has invested personally in over 60 companies spanning Internet 1.0, Web 2.0, the mobile web and enterprise computing. Prior to launching Streamlined Ventures, Ullas was a senior partner at Globespan/JAFCO America Ventures for 12 years and invested in the web, mobile web and enterprise infrastructure spaces. He also started the firm's cleantech practice. Prior to that, Ullas was a senior research analyst at FAC Equities.

Y Combinator
Y Combinator

Y Combinator is the leading incubator for technology companies. Founded by Paul Graham, Y Combinator has spawned a new model for fostering the growth of early stage companies. Y Combinator has invested in and helped to grow companies such as AirBnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Heroku, Reddit, Zenefits and many others.

“Freakin' awesome”

  1. Matthew C. James @MatthewCJames

    The company @bitnami saves a ton of time if you use #opensource

  2. Dr. D L Chapman, PhD @freeopensource1

    #Bitnami software is amazing. Out of the box #LAMP server with #Wordpress means anyone can run a home server with high security.

  3. Alexander D. Riddle @AlexDRiddle

    Can't get over how easy @bitnami is to use. Makes it easy to test stuff rapidly.

  4. David Griffus @davidgriffus

    Bout to fire up some testing apps thanks to @bitnami don't know what I would do with out you guys #nerdstuff

  1. Ben Kepes @benkepes

    ICYMI - New from me.... > Bitnami’s growth an indicator of continuing cloud dominance

  2. Ariel Kelman @akelman

    Thank you to @bitnami for making it super easy for devs to run #parse server on #AWS…

  3. Martin Mark @MartinMark

    @bitnami is INSANE. Just installed my dev env for MEAN stack and Wordpress in < 10 minutes

  4. Manny Henri @mannyhenri

    @bitnami where were you a year ago...glad we're starting to use your platform! ;)

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