Another popular open source application in BitNami: JasperServer

Jul 15, 2008 | Tags:
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At BitNami, we always try to provide you with top open source applications that can be useful for you. In this case, we’re glad to announce the release of the BitNami JasperServer Stack, which bundles JasperSoft’s JasperServer
( and its needed dependencies (Apache Tomcat, Java and MySQL) in yet another easy to use installer for Windows, Linux and OS X.

JasperServer is one of the most popular open source applications to create and interact with reports. Quoting from their website,

JasperServer is a high-performance report server and business intelligence platform designed for developers and businesses. Deploy JasperServer when:

* Users need to create their own ad hoc queries, reports, charts, crosstabs, and dashboards.
* It becomes necessary to securely store, schedule, distribute, share, drill-down, or interact with reports.

JasperServer includes: a secure report management repository, standards-based report definitions using JasperReports, embedding and integration interfaces, and the iReport graphical report designer.

So you know, if you need a powerful reporting tool, go get BitNami JasperServer Stack. It won’t disappoint you!