BitNami acquires Amazon Web Services division

Apr 01, 2011 | Tags: e-Commerce, Cloud, AWS
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BitNami Announced Today its acquisition of Amazon Web Services, the leading platform for public cloud computing.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 1st, 2011 — Leading online cloud vendor BitNami today announced it has acquired Amazon Web Services, a division of the world’s leading online retailer. The acquisition brings together two companies who share a passion for serving customers and whose customers benefit from cultures of innovation and long term thinking.

BitNami makes it easy for developers and solution providers to deploy and manage popular open source applications natively, virtually and in the cloud. It’s flagship product, BitNami Cloud Hosting provides one-click deployment, backup and monitoring capabilities for cloud applications. BitNami expects the AWS acquisition to give the company a competitive advantage in the increasingly crowded cloud server management space.

“Customers are increasingly demanding vertically-integrated solutions”, mentioned Erica Brescia, CEO of BitNami. “We believe the acquisition of an infrastructure vendor will help us provide our customers with a more streamlined experience and accelerate our growth.”

“It was about time somebody recognized the value AWS has created in the Cloud ecosystem”, commented Verner Wogels, Amazon CTO. “We are excited to join the BitNami team. These guys know how to make this stuff simple, so hopefully they will help us fix the Amazon console. To be honest with you, with so many acronyms and options it is becoming hard to figure out what every button is supposed to do.”

“Amazon is a tremendously successful company, but with so many different product lines, we were starting to lose our focus” added Beff Jezos, Amazon CEO. “Spinning out the Amazon Web Services unit will allow us to concentrate on our core ecommerce business.”

“Holly freaking sh*t dude! That is awesome. No, really, dude, awesome,” mentioned MindTouch CEO and BitNami advisor Aaron Fulkerson.

The acquisition provides BitNami with access to two new upcoming services: Amazon Coffee Machine API and Amazon Elastic Laundry Service, designed to make coffee in the morning and provide laundry services for AWS users, about the only two remaining services left to be implemented by Amazon in addition to the upcoming Amazon Pony and Amazon Kitchen Sink services, rumored to be in private beta.

Following the acquisition, the Amazon management team will remain intact and BitNami will operate its successful brand, customer experience and unique culture of service independently with headquarters in Seattle, WA.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but apparently some heavy drinking and Spanish tapas were involved.

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