BitNami Apps Now Available as Virtual Appliances

Jul 12, 2009 | Tags:
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A lot of our users have been asking for virtual machine images of the BitNami Stacks, and we’re happy to announce that they are now available!

Last week, we released most of the BitNami Stacks for Linux as VM Images for VMWare. Note that this is just a first and very basic release. We’ll be improving them based on your feedback, so let us know what you think in the Virtual Appliance forum.

To take one of the new virtual appliances for a spin, visit the download page for your favorite BitNami application and click on the download link under the “VM” icon on the far right of the table.

The virtual images will run in any version of VMWare for Windows, Mac or Linux. They are based on openSuSE 11.1 and include the minimum software required along with a minimal, pre-configured firewall.

If you’re not familiar with virtual appliances or how to run them, we have posted a special Virtual Appliance FAQ section for your reference.

As mentioned previously, the launch of the BitNami Virtual Appliances was driven by feedback from our users. We’re looking at other features and functionality that we can add to BitNami and would really appreciate your input. Please take a second to complete our new poll if you haven’t already done so.