BitNami Cloud Hosting - An Easy Way to Deploy and Manage OSS Apps in the Cloud

Aug 02, 2010 | Tags:
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We’re excited to announce BitNami Cloud Hosting, a new offering we have been working on for the past few months. BitNami Cloud Hosting will make it easy to deploy and run BitNami Stacks in the cloud – we want to make it the ‘easy button’ for running open source applications, such as Wordpress, Dokuwiki, Redmine, Alfresco and more, in the cloud. BitNami Cloud Hosting allows you to:

  • Choose to deploy one or more applications from the BitNami catalog.

  • Manage servers for different clients from a single control panel.

  • Use your existing EC2 account to pay for only the computing time and resources that you use.

  • Schedule when you want those applications to be running. If you don’t need access to the applications between 10 PM and 7 AM, you can schedule them to shut down during those times, saving you money!

  • Make automated backups so you don’t lose your data if a machine goes down. Be able to restore servers in one click.

  • Create a golden server image that you can easily duplicate and customized as needed.

  • Monitor your servers to make sure that they are up and running when they are supposed to be.

Initially, Amazon EC2 will be supported, with support for other clouds coming later in the year.

We are looking for developers and system integrators that would be interested in taking part in our beta program and are a good fit for our offering. Sign up today to be among the first to get access to an account.