BitNami Graphical Tool for managing servers

Jun 28, 2011 | Tags: PHP, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, Infrastructure
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We have recently shipped a graphical tool to simply the servers management in AMP & APP Stacks for Linux, OS X and Windows. The BitNami Manager Tool is a simple graphical interface that can start and stop the BitNami servers that are located in the same installation directory. To start the utility, double click the file named ‘manager-windows’,‘manager-linux’ or ‘manager-osx’ from your file browser.

BitNami Manager Tool

BitNami Manager Tool

The use of the tool is pretty easy. There are buttons to start, stop and restart each server separately or all the servers at once. In the Application log tab you will be able to take a look at the result of running the commands and whether there have been any errors.

We have plan to bundle this tool with all other stacks, including application stacks and will be doing so as new versions of the stacks are released.