BitNami Moodle Stack in Australia

Nov 18, 2009 | Tags: eLearning
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Thanks to BitNami Moodle Stack user Tim Daniels, BitNami will be showcased at the Converge Conference in Victoria, Australia. Tim will be teaching people about BitNami and Moodle and showing off the online learning environment he built using BitNami Moodle Stack.

Tim started working on developing web-based resources for his local Community Center three years ago on their local server. As the project grew, it began to get a bit unwieldy. He found Moodle online but then realized he would have to install and configure PHP, MySQL and other dependencies – something he was not familiar with. He then came across BitNami and was able to install the BitNami Moodle Stack without manually installing and configuring everything. Tim says “Your Bitnami Moodle stack is just wonderful because it enables easy development of courses on an XP machine without the need to be online.”

Now that the BitNami Moodle Stack is up and running their online learning environment at the Community Center, Tim was able to get government funding earmarked for e-learning projects. This is allowing him to continue developing online courses to benefit his community.

Many thanks to Tim for sharing his story, doing great work in his community and helping to spread the word about BitNami. We wish him the best of luck with the conference!