BitNami Stacks Now Available as EBS Images - Get Data Persistence and Create Snapshots

Sep 16, 2010 | Tags: Cloud, AWS
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We’re very pleased to announce the release of virtually all of the BitNami Stacks as Amazon EBS images! Unlike standard AMIs, EBS volumes offer data persistence and the ability to create snapshots. This means that you can start and stop servers without losing your data. If your instance goes down for any reason, you will not lose any data either, as the EBS volumes are separate from AMI instances. You simply launch a new instance from the same EBS volume.

With Amazon EBS, you can also use Amazon’s snapshot feature to save a ‘snapshot’ of an EBS volume at a given point in time. The snapshots can then be saved to Amazon S3 (their storage service). This is great for making and storing backups of your applications and is not available with standard AMIs.

As with all BitNami Stacks and AMIs, the BitNami EBS Images are available free of charge. If you already have an Amazon Web Services account, we have posted a tutorial on how to get started with BitNami AMIs and EBS Images. If you don’t have an account yet, follow these steps to set up an AWS account.

Currently, the BitNami EBS Images are only available for the US-East zone and there are a few applications that we don’t have images for yet (including Alfresco.) We’ll be releasing other availability zones and the rest of the BitNami-packaged applications within the next few days.