BitNami Support for CloudWatch

May 10, 2011 | Tags: Cloud, AWS
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Amazon announced today support for custom metrics in their CloudWatch service. This means that in addition to the current existing metrics, like CPU or Disk I/O, it is possible to monitor additional services. The new metrics can be used together with all the existing CloudWatch functionality. In particular it is possible to scale up and down based on application-level metrics such as the number of simultaneous connections or the internal load of the database. We are glad to announce that we will be offering custom metrics for most services and applications bundled with our stacks, including Apache, MySQL, Tomcat and other popular servers. The enhanced Cloudwatch functionality will be available for both the BitNami AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) that can be run individually, and for servers launched using our BitNami Cloud Hosting service.

We are really excited about this new functionality which makes it even easier to deploy and manage applications on the cloud using BitNami. Subscribe to this blog, follow us on twitter or sign up for the newsletter and be the first one to know when we release it publicly.