BitNami Trac Stack now in your preferred language!

Feb 18, 2011 | Tags: Wiki, Bug Tracking
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Trac 0.12 release (named ‘Babel’) introduced i18n and offered the user interface translated in a dozen of languages provided that Babel package is installed. Well, we are glad of announce that our just released version of BitNami Trac Stack includes Trac 0.12.2 and Babel package what will make you to benefit of this great new feature of Trac in just a few clicks.

Once BitNami Trac Stack is installed you just need to login and set your language setting in ‘Preferences’ in the Trac admin console.

For a full list of changes in the new Trac version check

We like to hear our BitNami users suggestions and we appreciate their feedback. In this case we’d like to thank Falk for suggesting to include this great feature in our BitNami Trac Stack.

Enjoy Trac in your preferred language!