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What if your own in-house applications were as easy to deploy as BitNami stacks? We’re excited to announce that we are now looking for beta users of BitNami Studio, our new offering that enables you to create customized, ready-to-run virtual machine or cloud images for your own internal applications or open source applications in minutes.

The goal of BitNami Studio is to make it easy for you to build, clone, edit, and test your own application stacks. It is extremely flexible and allows you to customize each layer of the stack – the application, the runtime, the operating system and the deployment format (currently virtual and cloud deployment formats are supported.) You can use BitNami Studio to: build stacks with your latest code for testing purposes, create customized demos for prospects, provide evaluation copies of your software in multiple formats to reach new users, create and share standardized development environments throughout your organization and more. We’ll discuss use cases for BitNami Studio in greater detail in future blog posts.

BitNami Studio:

To learn more, take a quick tour of BitNami Studio. To enroll in our beta program, visit our beta sign up page. If you have questions or are looking for features that aren’t listed above, contact us.


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