Launch an Online Store with the BitNami Magento Stack

Apr 19, 2011 | Tags: CRM, e-Commerce, PHP
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We’re excited to announce the newest addition to the BitNami library, the BitNami Magento Stack! Magento is an open source application for ecommerce. It provides a framework for building online stores, including a content management system, catalog management system, shopping cart, customer account management, Google Analytics integration, catalog browsing, coupon support and more. With the BitNami Magento Stack, you get a complete, ready-to-run environment that includes Magento and all of the other software it requires. Note that Magento itself will still require quite a bit of customization because the requirements of each online store are different. The BitNami Magento Stack will definitely give you a head start with getting your store up and running, though! As with all BitNami Stacks, the Magento stack is available free of charge as a native installer, virtual appliance or AMI (Amazon Machine Image for the Amazon Cloud.)

Magento has been one of our most requested Stacks, in part because so many people use it with another popular BitNami Stack, SugarCRM. If you are considering using Magento, you may also want to take a look at SugarCRM for your customer relationship management (CRM) needs. You can run both SugarCRM and Magento in the cloud with BitNami Cloud Hosting.