Managing your servers with the new graphical interface (BETA)

Sep 18, 2008 | Tags:
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We are glad to announce the availability of the beta version of a tool that will make working with open source web applications and servers even easier than it was before.

The BitNami Control Panel is a (very) simple graphical interface that can start and stop the BitNami servers that are located in the same installation directory.

Take into account that this is a beta version, and currently only available for OS X users. It is included in the new MAMPStack and MAPPStack versions that have been released today. To start the utility, double click the file named ‘control’ from your file browser.

The use of the tool is pretty easy. There are buttons to start, stop and restart each server at a time or all the servers at once. Also, you can find a text box showing the result of the commands introduced.

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The BitNami Team