New Enano CMS stack released

Dec 26, 2009 | Tags: CMS, Wiki, PHP, MySQL
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A few days ago we released Enano CMS 1.1.7. This release incorporates multiple new features:

  • A new, lean wiki engine
  • A brand new theme, Enanium, usable while looking great.
  • A redesigned Administrative dashboard in the Administrative Control Panel
  • A new interface for viewing site logs, with more logged data to be able to audit more effectively
  • Includes PostgreSQL support
  • Improved Internet Explorer support.
  • Unicode (UTF-8) support everywhere.
  • A new (work in progress) tutorial for new users.
  • Live Re-Authentication. Administrator authentication doesn’t reload the whole page.
  • And more…

    Enano CMS has addons available to extend its functionality. More information about addons can be found at Enano Plugin page