phpBB3 now in BitNami

Jun 10, 2008 | Tags:
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After a long waiting period of about 2 years, this April phpBB3 vas released. This version offers a new default theme, enhances the administration control panel with a modular design and provides support for a great variety of databases. phpBB2 will remain actively maintained by the community, due to its widespread adoption.

Here in BitNami you can find easy to install versions of phpBB3 and phpBB2.
You can easily compare both versions by yourself by downloading and installing the latest BitNami phpBB Stacks from After installing the BitNami phpBB Stack you will have a running version of Apache, PHP and MySQL working together with phpBB.

You can find them for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. phpBB3 is also
available for Solaris.

Try it, discover the new features in phpBB3 and leave your comments in
our phpBB forum at