PostgreSQL module add-on

Sep 10, 2009 | Tags: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Databases
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One of the most requested features in BitNami forums is the ability to support both MySQL and PostgreSQL in the same Stack. We are glad to announce that we have released a PostgreSQL module which you can install over LAMPStack, MAMPStack, WAMPStack or RubyStack. This module ships and configures the PostgreSQL database and the phpPgAdmin application to manage this database through the web with ease.

You can find the new add-on in the same download page of LAMPStack, MAMPStack, WAMPStack or RubyStack. Once you have downloaded it, you can select the installation folder where you have installed your previous LAMPStack, MAMPStack, WAMPStack or RubyStack and the module will configure PHP to support PostgreSQL. You can continue to manage your servers as usual and you can uninstall the module itself using their own uninstaller. We think that this module is a great option for developers who use MySQL and PostgreSQL, the most popular open source databases.