Qt Center Programming Contest

Apr 09, 2008 | Tags:
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QtCentre together with the sponsors – Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB, Integrated Computer Solutions Inc., Trolltech ASA, BitRock, Thorsen Consulting, Apress and basysKom GmbH – just launched the second edition of the Qt Programming contest, the only programming contest focused on the Qt/Qtopia community. They haven’t announced the prizes yet, but last year, they gave away pretty cool stuff – Macbooks, Green Phones, electronics and more.

The categories are:

  1. Collaboration — an application or tool that helps users work together and interact. This can be collaborative editors, front-ends for a version control that are not just useful for developers, chat programs, easy file transfer over network, white-board applications, soft-phones.
  2. Education — a piece of science or educational software (including engineering software). Every math, science, GIS, CAD or so software. We do not expect full features CAD software but rather something that helps people understanding things.
  3. Project Management — help manage small projects. This can also include both scheduling and time tracking.
  4. Automation — an application that automates tedious tasks. This can be clever application launchers, macro recorders/editors, scripting applications, adding scripts to file managers.
  5. Demo — impress us! You easily can create a text editor with Qt. Very impressive. Make something cooler. Show us what Qt can do.
  6. Plasmoid — a KDE 4 plasmoid. Create an innovative, useful, dashing plasmoid that makes the users’ lives easier, more beautiful or just plain fun.
  7. Newcomer — a new application developed for the contest. Do whatever you want. You bring the code, you bring the idea.

If you’re a Qt developer and would like to participate, visit QtCenter.org to register.