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How to install Ubuntu Desktop on EC2 EBS

Ctdh, a BitNami community member, has generously provided us with a great tutorial on how to make persistent data in Amazon Machine Images : " Many of the instances of Ubuntu on EC2 are not based on an EBS instance which means you cannot stop/start the service without loosing the data and you cannot create your own ami fresh from the instance. So here is How to create your own Ubuntu Desktop on an EBS based EC2: First follow: Make sure the AWS security group has port 22 open for the IP address you are using locally. Launch ami-b3c0ebc7 ... more

Feb 02, 2010 | Tags: Other Category, Infrastructure, Hosting

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Tutorial: Rubystack Deployment Alternatives

BitNami RubyStack provides different deployment options. This article explains the different steps to follow in order to get your application running on top of RubyStack. We will describe the settings to use: Apache or Nginx as web server. Mongrel, Thin or Phussion Passenger as the engine for Ruby web applications. 1. Initial steps Some steps are common across all deployment approaches for Rails applications: Extract the application files to a specific directory. For example, inside ${installdir}/apps/app_name Setup the database in ${rails_application_dir}/config/database.yml to use the bundled RubyStack MySQL. Here is an example: production: adapter: mysql database: rails_app_production host: username: ${mysql_user} ... more

Dec 14, 2009 | Tags: Portal Server, Other Category, Ruby on Rails

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