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Run Ruby on Rails applications natively on 64 bits

We have recently upgraded all of our PHP stacks to support native Linux 64bit installations (without the need to install compatibility libraries). We have just done the same for our popular Ruby on Rails stack, RubyStack This Stack ships the following components: Ruby 1.8.7-p334 Rails 2.3.11 Apache 2.2.17 MySQL 5.1.56 NGinx 1.0.2 Passenger 3.0.7 PHP 5.3.6 (optional) and other dependencies We have also released Redmine, Tracks and Radiant stacks for this platform. Enjoy! ... more

Jun 15, 2011 | Tags: Ruby on Rails, Infrastructure

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New RubyStack 2.2 version

We are happy to announce a new release of BitNami RubyStack. This version includes significant improvements: Updated Ruby to the latest stable version 1.8.7-p334. If you want to use Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3 you can download the 2.1-1-dev version of RubyStack. Updated Rails to 2.3.11. Updated Nginx to 1.0.2 Phusion Passenger 3.0.7 with Apache and Nginx modules for Linux Updated Git to 1.7.4 Updated PHP 5.3.6 for BitNami modules which requires PHP Updated phpMyAdmin to 3.3.10 Updated gems to latest stable versions In addition to that, we have updated the Redmine module to be installed on top of this ... more

May 24, 2011 | Tags: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Infrastructure

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BitNami JrubyStack - Now with JRuby 1.6.0!

Yesterday, JRuby 1.6.0 was officially released and today you can deploy in minutes with BitNami. A major new feature in JRuby 1.6 is the implementation of theRuby 1.9.2 language. However by default JRuby is configured to work on Ruby 1.8.7 mode. Here is how you can use the Ruby 1.9.2 mode in your BitNami JRubyStack installation. 1. Open the BitNami JRubyStack console. On Linux and Mac OS X open a terminal and go to the installation directory. Then execute: ./jrubyconsole On Windows use the entry in the Start Menu: BitNami JRubyStack --> Use BitNami JRubySTack Once you are in the ... more

Mar 16, 2011 | Tags: Ruby on Rails, Java, GlassFish

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BitNami JRubyStack with JRuby 1.5.6 Released

We are happy to announce a new release of BitNami JRubyStack. The most important improvement is that the updated stack includes the latest stable version of JRuby, 1.5.6 which is the java implementation of Ruby 1.8.7. It also includes recent versions of Tomcat, Subversion and SQLite together with updated gems. You can view the full list of changes in the changelog. Enjoy developing with JRuby in your machine, in a virtual appliance or in the cloud. Just go to and use your preferred environment. ... more

Mar 09, 2011 | Tags: Java, Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, SQLite, Infrastructure, GlassFish

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Great Demo of How to Deploy phpBB on AWS Cloud Formation using a BitNami Template

We would like to send a special thanks to BitNami user Christian Riley for putting together a great demo of how to launch phpBB to EC2 using a BitNami CloudFormation template. As you'll see in the demo video, he is able to launch phpBB to EC2 in just a few minutes using CloudFormation. In addition to phpBB, all other PHP and Ruby on Rails-based BitNami-packaged applications are now available as CloudFormation templates. Enjoy! ... more

Mar 02, 2011 | Tags: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Cloud, AWS

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AWS CloudFormation and BitNami

Amazon has recently released "AWS CloudFormation": , a new service that helps you describe a 'stack' of cloud resources and bring them up as a single unit. A CloudFormation stack can include among other resources load balancers, databases, EBS volumes and of course EC2 instances. A stack definition is called a template and can contain configuration information to be passed to the various resources being provisioned. At BitNami, we are pretty excited about CloudFormation and want to make it easy for you to incorporate BitNami stacks to your deployments. We have now CloudFormation templates for all PHP and Ruby on ... more

Mar 01, 2011 | Tags: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Apache HTTP Server, Cloud, AWS

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BitNami Cloud Hosting Now Available!

After several months in private beta, we're excited to announce that BitNami Cloud Hosting is now available! BitNami Cloud Hosting simplifies the process of deploying and managing open source and other applications in the cloud. BitNami Cloud Hosting offers: One-click Application Deployment: Launch servers with one or more applications or development stacks from the BitNami library in one click. Currently available applications include: SugarCRM, Alfresco, JasperServer, Drupal, Wordpress and many others. You can view a list at: Automatic Backups and One Click Server Restores: BitNami Cloud Hosting offers automated backups that can be scheduled to occur hourly, daily or ... more

Feb 07, 2011 | Tags: Apache HTTP Server, AWS, Blog, Bug Tracking, Business Intelligence, Cloud, CMS, Collaboration, CRM, e-Commerce, ECM, eLearning, Help Desk, Hosting, Infrastructure, Java, MySQL, Photo Sharing, PHP, Planning, Portal Server, Project Management, Ruby on Rails, Wiki

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Updated BitNami Stacks for SugarCRM, Drupal, Redmine and Alfresco Released!

We're happy to announce the release of updated BitNami Stacks for SugarCRM, Drupal, Redmine and Alfresco. As with all BitNami Stacks, these new releases are freely available as native installers, for installation on desktops or servers, virtual appliances, which can be run in VMWare and Virtualbox, and as cloud images for Amazon EC2 (AMIs) and GoGrid (GSIs). If you're not familiar with these applications, here is a quick summary: SugarCRM: SugarCRM is a flexible customer relationship management solution for companies of all sizes. SugarCRM can easily be customized and integrated with other software to allow companies to build and maintain ... more

Aug 27, 2010 | Tags: CRM, Portal Server, ECM, PHP, Java, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, Project Management, Hosting

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BitNami Redmine 1.0 Stack Released

A couple of weeks ago, we released an updated Redmine Stack for Redmine 1.0. If you're not familiar with Redmine, it is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. It includes support for multiple projects, role based access control, issue tracking, a Gantt chart, calendar, wikis, forums, time tracking and more. The 1.0 release of Redmine is a major milestone and we'd like to congratulate and thank everyone in the Redmine project who worked on it. It includes a long list of improvements, such as: Subtasks: You can now ... more

Aug 05, 2010 | Tags: MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Apache HTTP Server, Project Management, Code Review, Version Control

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Build Your Own Virtual Machines and Cloud Templates with BitNami Studio

What if your own in-house applications were as easy to deploy as BitNami stacks? We're excited to announce that we are now looking for beta users of BitNami Studio, our new offering that enables you to create customized, ready-to-run virtual machine or cloud images for your own internal applications or open source applications in minutes. The goal of BitNami Studio is to make it easy for you to build, clone, edit, and test your own application stacks. It is extremely flexible and allows you to customize each layer of the stack - the application, the runtime, the operating system and ... more

Jun 29, 2010 | Tags: PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Apache HTTP Server, JBoss, Tomcat

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Updated BitNami RubyStack Released

We are happy to announce a new release of BitNami RubyStack. This version includes some significant improvements: * A development release has been included. Since Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3 are bringing incredible performance boosts and exciting new features, we wanted to provide you with a tool to make it easy to quickly adapt your application to them and benefit from their improvements. We will keep this version up to date with latest releases so you can easily setup a fully working environment for your development and tests. That way, you will be ready to use them in your production ... more

May 07, 2010 | Tags: Ruby on Rails

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Alternatives for Deploying JRuby Web Applications

Paul Blair from InfoQ did a nice write up of deployment containers for JRuby webapps, including Glassfish, Jetty and Tomcat, in which he mentions BitNami JRubyStack: ... more

Apr 22, 2010 | Tags: Java, Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty

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Euruko's Coming to Poland May 29-30

Are you into Ruby? Do you live in Europe? If so, you should really try to make it to Euruko, the European Ruby conference. This year, it is in Kraków, Poland on May 29th and 30th. The event is being held at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, located on the Wisła river near the heart of historic Kraków and with a view of the Wawel Castle. We're happy to announce that BitNami is sponsoring the conference along with ProRuby, Ragnarson, Picklive, ASPGems, mWorks, 3Scale and Wooga. That will keep the cost low for you and make sure ... more

Apr 02, 2010 | Tags: Ruby on Rails

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BitNami Makes it Easy to Test Rails 3 beta

Now that the beta release of Ruby on Rails 3 is available, we wanted to make it easy for you to check out all of the improvements that have been made. We just released a new version of BitNami RubyStack that allows you to install a complete, ready-to-run Rails 3 environment in just a few clicks. If you choose to install the stack natively, you will be asked if you want to install the Rails 3 gems or not. If you opt out, you will have a stable release of Rails installed and completely configured. As with all BitNami Stacks, ... more

Feb 11, 2010 | Tags: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, Infrastructure

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Visit and find out all you need to know about the new Ruby on Rails 3! Tutorials, presentations and articles in one convenient place. ... more

Feb 05, 2010 | Tags: Ruby on Rails

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The easiest way to test Rails 3

Rails 3 Beta has been just released and it comes with plenty of new features. You can try this new version using BitNami RubyStack easily. With RubyStack, you can keep separated, self-contained environments that you can create or remove with ease, so you can test Rails 3 without disrupting your current development setup. RubyStack is available as native installers, virtual appliances or cloud images. For Windows users: Start the "Use BitNami RubyStack" console from the Windows shortcuts. It is necessary to start it as Administrator user. Type the following in the command prompt: > gem install tzinfo builder memcache-client rack ... more

Feb 05, 2010 | Tags: Ruby on Rails, Infrastructure

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New BitNami Stacks for Ruby on Rails Apps

As you may know, we recently released BitNami RubyStack 2.0, which includes a number of updates and enhancements. The primary changes are the addition of Ruby Enterprise for OS X and Linux and Phussion Passenger configured by default with Apache and Nginx. We have also improved performance and streamlined the deployment process. If you haven't experimented with Ruby on Rails yet, BitNami RubyStack makes it incredibly easy. Just visit the download page and choose from a native installer, a virtual machine image, or a cloud template (for Amazon and GoGrid). Regardless of the deployment option you choose, you will have ... more

Dec 17, 2009 | Tags: CMS, Blog, Ruby on Rails, e-Commerce

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Tutorial: Rubystack Deployment Alternatives

BitNami RubyStack provides different deployment options. This article explains the different steps to follow in order to get your application running on top of RubyStack. We will describe the settings to use: Apache or Nginx as web server. Mongrel, Thin or Phussion Passenger as the engine for Ruby web applications. 1. Initial steps Some steps are common across all deployment approaches for Rails applications: Extract the application files to a specific directory. For example, inside ${installdir}/apps/app_name Setup the database in ${rails_application_dir}/config/database.yml to use the bundled RubyStack MySQL. Here is an example: production: adapter: mysql database: rails_app_production host: username: ${mysql_user} ... more

Dec 14, 2009 | Tags: Portal Server, Other Category, Ruby on Rails

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New RubyStack Version with Passenger, Ruby Enterprise

We are glad to announce a new version of RubyStack that includes improved performance and deployment options with "Ruby Enterprise": and "Phusion Passenger": You can download it now at the "RubyStack section": ... more

Nov 29, 2009 | Tags: Ruby on Rails, Infrastructure

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How to backup and update the BitNami Redmine Stack

*Updated 2010-05-18* Added steps to upgrade the whole stack and other small updates related to Redmine 0.9.x A lot of BitNami users have asked in our forums how to create a backup or update Redmine. We have compiled all questions and solutions in this post to facilitate this task for other BitNami users. Although this post is based on the BitNami Redmine Stack, some of these solutions are valid for other BitNami applications. Throughout the article, we will use the _installdir_ term to refer us to the installation directory. On Linux it is usually "/home/redmine-_version_" when installed as a regular ... more

Sep 14, 2009 | Tags: MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Bug Tracking, Version Control

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