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Feel like a cog in a giant machine? Come join us!

Life at Bitnami involves developing simple, yet elegant, solutions to complex technical problems, securing and optimizing applications for production, relentlessly automating everything and generally figuring out how to break applications - then put the pieces back together :). Because of our growing app library, our work crisscrosses dozens of operating systems, language runtimes and cloud and virtualization platforms. In short, we deal with all the complexity so our users don't have to!

If working as part of an international team, shipping software that improves the lives of millions of users and learning the ins and outs of all the modern technology stacks excites you, consider joining the Bitnami team!


Who we are

We are fast-growing and profitable, and we were a part of Y Combinator (Winter 2013).


Ready to help build a business? Us too. That's why you won't find us in many all-day meetings - except for our all-staff offsites in places like Costa Rica.

Heavy lifters

Our customers want to code, create content and build their own products without the hassle of server management. That's why we do all the heavy lifting making it easy to deploy apps in minutes.

UX sticklers

For us, UX is not just a pretty interface, it's how you interact with the Bitnami application packages with ease and speed.

An international team

We believe in hiring the best people wherever they live.


Laughter is a good thing.


Who we are not


You will be treated like the independent and smart-thinker you are.


We have some great perks but if you want dog grooming, bathroom attendants or 24/7 personal assistants, look elsewhere.

Political animals

We treat people how we want to be treated ourselves - as equals. Sorry, no stepping stones or doormats here.

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