Cloud Migration

Optimizing Your Applications for the Cloud

"50% of Enterprises state cloud migration as a top priority for 2017"


Not all applications are created equal. Recent data shows that only 20% of applications in the cloud today are cloud-native, and only 15% of new enterprise applications being developed are cloud-native. The fact is that regardless of the growth of cloud computing, most businesses still rely heavily on software and in-house applications that are hosted in on-premises datacenters.

Supporting these applications can be a burdensome, manual, and time-consuming task. It requires expertise to maintain the software itself as well as the infrastructure it is running on. In a time when there is a clear shift away from the corporate datacenter to public cloud infrastructure, and modern applications are being built and delivered to take advantage of distributed cloud architectures, smart businesses are planning and executing on a cloud migration strategy.

Cloud application migration comes in many forms and enterprises have been told for years that to truly realize cloud benefits, applications must be re-architected. But many companies find it difficult to resource or prioritize re-architecting or rewriting custom applications. Aside from rewriting the applications, companies have been left to choose between abandoning them for a SaaS offering or rehosting ('lift & shift') applications as simple VMs where possible.

While this approach does achieve the goal of getting the application out of the datacenter, it falls far short in providing the many of the advantages that makes cloud hosting so attractive. It also doesn't provide any improvements to the time-consuming application maintenance process. In essence, it just moves the problem, it doesn't solve it.

There is a better way. Stacksmith from Bitnami is a new self-service tool to re-platform (package and optimize) your applications and migrate them to the cloud where they can benefit from automation and elastic scalability. Stacksmith automates the manual tasks associated with building and updating software, optimizes the package for deployment to the target platform you choose, and makes it easy to maintain and update these applications in the future.


Bitnami has built the tool you need to automate the migration and maintenance of business applications from your on-premises datacenter to a hosted cloud environment. If you have software that your business is relying on today that you want to migrate out of your datacenter yet cannot or will not re-architect for the cloud, you can still gain significant cloud benefits by re-platforming using Stacksmith.

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