diginiq Inc.


As a web-development company for multiple small to medium-size companies, diginiq needed a way to deploy multiple small applications on a low cost, scalable infrastructure.


Bitnami's applications allowed digniq to build multiple websites at little cost while also providing the flexibility to manage and maintain all servers with Bitnami Cloud Hosting's easy to use and simplistic interface.


WordPress, Railo


  • No need to install software such as a database or middleware.
  • No need to configure security measures on their own.
  • Server monitoring, data backups, and easy scalability were already included.

"In diginiq's opinion, Bitnami's user interface is the most user-friendly interface in the world. " - Takeshi Ohyashiki, Chief Executive Officer,


Diginiq is a Tokyo-based web system and smartphone application development company. Most of their customers are small-to-mid size companies that want to make a web system and smartphone app for new projects. These type of startup projects normally have a small budget but large need for rapid development.

Before using Bitnami, diginiq used on-premises servers, cloud and cloud VPS servers. All of them required to install additional dependencies like MySQL and a programming language pack, which could take up to half a day if there were no errors while downloading, installing and setting up the software. With Bitnami, diginiq is able to start programming within minutes of deploying an application stack.

Additionally, some of diginiq's clients want their servers to be managed. Bitnami also provides a server resource manager called Bitnami Cloud Hosting (BCH). With BCH, diginiq is able to easily scale servers and monitor backups for their clients. These functions are all that they need to be successful in basic server management. Every function is effective with BCH's simple interface, which is so important for the company. In diginiq's opinion, Bitnami's user interface is the most user-friendly interface in the world.

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