Free open-source apps for Cloud&Heat OpenStack customers

Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH is a provider of cloud-based computing services whose waste heat is used for heating buildings and for heating water. The cloud server will be installed directly into the heating system and connected to the Internet via a virtual data center.

Bitnami offers dozens of popular, easy-to-deploy applications and stacks for the Cloud&Heat OpenStack platform. With just a few clicks, you can launch an app into production in minutes.

What makes Cloud&Heat unique?

Cloud&Heat offers the full performance of modern cloud technology: high speed, high availability, full scalability, and security at an economical price. Cloud&Heat allows customers to do something completely unique: build a private OpenStack cloud, and use your servers to heat your buildings and water. The typical server "waste product" – heat – is transformed into something incredibly useful and the time-consuming and energy-intensive cooling of the server which is necessary in a traditional data center is eliminated.

Cloud&Heat offers a "green" cloud that gives you the best possible performance, high availability, energy efficiency and sustainability for your individual cloud computing needs, and they guarantee the highest safety and data protection standards. Even if you don’t have a server cabinet on site, you can still use the green Cloud&Heat IaaS cloud and enjoy the highest cloud security privacy standards in the world.

Bitnami for Cloud&Heat cloud customers

Bitnami offers more than 90 application and stack images for the Cloud&Heat cloud. We have made it incredibly easy to deploy any application – including its runtime, a database and other dependencies – with just one click. You can spend less time configuring and deploying an application and more time working on the important stuff.

Once you have an account with Cloud&Heat, you can visit their customer-only application marketplace to deploy any image in minutes.

Get 500 hours free with Cloud&Heat

Cloud&Heat has an exclusive offer for new customers: 500 free hours of their Cloud Compute XS service. Click below to get started using Bitnami on Cloud&Heat.

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Cloud&Heat is powered by OpenStack.

Cloud&Heat is OpenStack Powered

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  1. Dave Whittle @Dave_Whittle

    Really impressed with how bitnami saved me oodles of time and $ today in installing WordPress to Amazon's FREE! Tier AWS EC2 cloud service.

  2. Stuart Langridge @sil

    Just tried the Bitnami Wordpress installer to install WP locally, just to see how it is. Open-mouthed with astonishment at how easy it was

  3. Matthew Gunnin @MatthewGunnin

    Bitnami has simplified cloud application deployment in a way that I could only have dreamed of.

  4. Paul D. Tyler @pauldtyler

    Just ran an ssh tunnel into my ubuntu server with sudo power. Thanks @bitnami for making me feel like Neo for brief moment.

  1. Ben Kepes @benkepes

    New on Forbes from me.... - Bitnami - The Boy Scout For Cloud Applications

  2. Mad William Flint @madwilliamflint

    I don't know what I would do without bitnami's precanned app/protocol stacks. Saved my bacon so many times. I'm still underusing them.

  3. Glenn Batuyong @gbatuyong

    Great #WordPress article, @ausrob… I love my @bitnami #AWS appliance. Well-built, resilient, worry free, highly portable. #cloudcomputing

  4. Scott McDaniel @mcdev

    Have I ever mentioned my love for @bitnami? Because I meant to - it's a lifesaver.

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