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Install wordpress and mediawiki

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Avatar XbeePro 2 post(s)

I have installed wordpress with bitnami stack. Working fine. However, I tried installing mediawiki on the same server and was not able to make it work. If I disable wordpress, them media wiki is on. I can’t get them to work together. Can some one please guide me on how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

Avatar antonio 621 post(s)


The server ports are probably conflicting because you installed the second stack when the first one was not running. You could change the last stack configuration by editing manually some files, but I think it’s easier to:

- Install LAMPStack and then install on top of it the WordPress and MediaWiki modules. That way, you can also install other PHP applications like Drupal or Joomla! without having to install other instances of Apache and MySQL.
- Uninstall MediaWiki Stack, start the WordPress Stack and then install the MediaWiki Stack once again. The installer will complain about Apache and MySQL default ports being in use, and will ask you for different ports.After that, it will configure the servers properly.


Avatar XbeePro 2 post(s)

Thanks for the prompt reply. Shall try as suggested and come back if I face any further problems.
Thanks once again

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