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BitNami noob - simple 1st question

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Avatar xlancealotx 1 post

We have an account with amazon and 10+ servers running in the cloud. I need a wordpress site, etc and in the launch, I see the community bitnami one which I simply launched, waited a few and done I get the welcome + Access BitNami WordPress Stack.

Here goes the basic question. I have an outside developer who will be skinning this and moving over the data from the old wordpress site. Is this bitnami any diff from the default normal install, and is it simply free to just use? I have only done the basic install, got the WP admin, etc. but don’t see where that stuff is so will read a little, but want to get FTP installed and get him access to start doing his thing, but don’t want to start and have to start over due to this ‘custom’ AMI.


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Yes it is a basic Wordpress installation and it is free to use. The AMI does not include FTP but you can connect through SSH or SCP. You can find more info at