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Cloud Formation WPress stack on degraded AWS EC2 host! Plz help!

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Avatar zbutcher 1 post

Let me start with… no matter how this ends I love Bitnami stacks!

Also, I am a web newbie so my apologizes for any overly basic questions or just plain lame tech descriptions.

Okay, so in March I setup my Worpdress site up on AWS EC2 using the Bitnami Cloud Formation stack at the bottom of this page While a bit challenging, I managed to get it all working thanks to Bitnami’s excellent Wiki and sheer brute force of learning a little unix/ssh.

So it was all good til I just received this scary message from Amazon (AWS) and now I have less than 24 hours to resolve:


We have noticed that one or more of your instances are running on a host degraded due to hardware failure.


The host needs to undergo maintenance and will be taken down at 12:00 GMT on 2011-04-11. Your instances will be terminated at this point.

The risk of your instances failing is increased at this point. We cannot determine the health of any applications running on the instances. We recommend that you launch replacement instances and start migrating to them.

Feel free to terminate the instances with the ec2-terminate-instance API when you are done with them.


The Amazon EC2 Team

Reference: xxxxxxxxxxx

So I’ve posted on the AWS forum as well in hope of some sort of help as I am at a loss of how best to move forward to save my data.

From a brief read on AWS forum, it appears that if my Bitnami stack is an EBS backed instance, I might be okay. Is that the case with the Cloud Formation stack? Is it set-up for backup?

Again any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks – JB

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


You can create a new AMI from the Amazon console: Create Image ( EBS AMI ) and then you can launch it.