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How to scale/manage my Bitnami Cloud App?

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first to say:
I’m new to AWS and I’m new to BitNami. ;-)
Thanks for your service.

At the moment i run a dedicated linux Webserver hosting a huge Gallery v2 Installation with about 400GB of photos in it.

But my dedicated server is totally overseized. So I’m looking forward to switch to the Cloud e.g. AWS.

The standard EBS Gallery BitNami Stack has 10GB EBS Storage. Is it the usualy way to stop the hole Instance, take a snapshot of my EBS Volume. Restore the Snapshot in a new larger EBS Volume, mount it and boot up the EC2 Instanc again?
Is there any other way to scale my Gallery Installation like that?
At the moment i know, i need 400GB…

The same thing for CPU Power etc. is this the usual way as i mentioned above?

One time a month I need very much CPU Power because of importing new pictures to the Gallery. Is there a possibility to run 5 EC2 Instances at a time rendering all the pictures? I think this is the way “Cloud” should work?

I hope someone could help me?!


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You can run several EC2 instances but it is also possible to resize an existing instance. Take a look to the BitNami Cloud Hosting features and the video at