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Coppermine Not Requesting creation of Admin Account

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This is getting kind of frustrating, it has happened with more then just this stack.

I install coppermine, it goes through EVERYTHING just fine, EXCEPT it does NOT present me with a screen to create the admin account, it just skips it all together.

Last time I fixed this issue I uninstalled and reinstalled the LAMP stack and DokuWiki started working. Well I’ve got a number of things set up now and I can’t just uninstall my LAMP stack this time.

Why is it skipping the admin account creation, how can I create my admin account? Is their a default I can use? I tired log in: user and the same password I use my mySQL but it didn’t work.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Okay, JUST figured out what it’s doing….

I went in and viewed the database manually, it HAD created me an account…automatically. The account it created was the SAME account that I used for DokuWiki. It APPEARS to be looking at other configurations and setting the admin accounts the same. Would this be the correct assumption? Is this how it’s SUPPOSE to do it, if you have another module installed it uses the administrator account and automatically creates an administrator account in the new module you’re installing without prompting or alerting you?

Can anyone clarify this, is it happening to other people? Is this a new thing? I looked and didn’t see it anywhere else in the forum.

Thanks for all of your hard work on Bitnami! I love what you’ve done and now that I know this is what’s happening, it makes my life much happier now!

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Hi Streak.

The user/password is configured the first time, in the first module you have installed. Other modules will use the same user/password. We apologize for the confusion, we will try to improve the documentation about this.


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