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Is there an install guide?

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Avatar Jollyreaper 7 post(s)

I’m not sure what’s required to get one of these things up and running. My initial assumption with this being a “virtual machine” is that everyting is included with the machine but it’s asking me a about Apache. Well, I already have IIS installed on my machine. Will there be a conflict? Any link to a FAQ would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi Jollyreaper,

There won’t be any conflicts, the stack is independent, and won’t interfere with any software present in your system. The installer should tell you that your port 80 is already ocuppied (by IIS), and will ask you to choose another port. You can find a ‘README.txt’ file for each stack in its download page. Dokuwiki readme is here

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