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Problem to access drupal on install

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Recently I download VMWare Drupal 7 and run it.

Open in browser ip-address/drupal and see the page with enter of drupal user/pass. I cannot find any password in docs/faqs, which suitable to access drupal.

In phpMyAdmin I found username of drupal-user is “user” and change password (hashed) to my.

If I choice register in drupal – I receive errors sending email and this account doesn’t work.

Please, fix it and what I need to setup for email functions in ubuntu?

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


You can see the default username and password in the machine console itself and in the BitNami web page where you downloaded the application. Drupal 7 do not use a standard hashed password. You can set your own password running the following command:

$ php “/opt/bitnami/apps/drupal/htdocs/scripts/” your_password

I hope it helps.

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