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Where's my data?

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I downloaded Drupal vial BitNami. there is a BitNami-Drupal icon on my desktop. Clicking it asks me to install it. I did a couple weeks ago. I entered some data and later turned the computer off. Now I cannot find that data. (Glad I didn’t have time to create the entire site). How do I find that data? How do I save if offline until I am ready to upload it?

I was told Drupal was so easy. Well I finally got it downloaded thru BitNami. Great! Now I can learn and play and get my site created. But NO! It looks like Drupal is easy to create on, but … (see above)


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Which is your operating system? By default the Stack is installed in these locations:

Windows: C:\Program Files\BitNami Drupal Stack\
Linux: /home/${user}/drupal-${version}
OS X: /Applications/drupal-${version}

Drupal files are located in ${installdir}/apps/drupal

When you say you are not able to find “that data” you mean you can’t access the application using your browser? On windows the Stack is installed as service by default and it should be started automatically, on Unix systems you need to start it running:

${installdir}/ start
after reboot. If you are using windows and you are not able to see the application you may try to stop/start the services using the links in start menu.

The Stack runs locally and all changes are saved to your hard disk

I hope it helps

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