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change base character encoding

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Avatar Darek 2 post(s)

I would like to change character encoding to utf-8 before creating the bitnami_ezpublish base(default is swedish)and also default bitnami ezpublish languages (english and french) and character encodings.
Is it possible to run ezpublish wizzard in bitnami installation (before or later)?
If not how can I configure/change the default parameters before instalations – especially base encoding.
Thank you for help!
I think this options should be in the bitnami installation wizzard.

Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi Darek,

At the moment it is not possible to run the EzPublish wizard, the aim of BitNami is to make it easy the installation to the end user, and a lot of people get confused talking about databases and connections :) That said, it would be possible to enable an “expert” option during the installation and not bypass the wizard. Anyway, we can’t make a promise on when that could be done, as there are lots of things that we still need to do.


Avatar Darek 2 post(s)

OK, I understand. I like the stack idea very much, and I really appreciate you work, but using the stack without the base encoding conversion, which is not simple, is not so convinient in half of Europe :)
Thank you!

Avatar manuelo 2 post(s)

darek here is your database in utf8 code, its already content some information about ezpublish, just you have to enter to myphpadmin and import the database into a new one.

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