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Editing tools for creating and modifying templates in eZ publish

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Avatar geekartiste 6 post(s)

Has anyone experience working with an open source editor with eZ publish on Mac OS X. I’ve only dinked around in the past with HTML and have used whatever was available. I’ve tried Kompozer and Bluefish and neither seems very solidly under development (correct me if I’m wrong). I have an old copy of Dreamweaver MX2004, but would really like something more up to date.

Though I’m not a programmer or developer, most recently I’ve been using Aptana, an Eclipse-based IDE to edit HTML and CSS. Are there any modules, plug-ins, code snippet libraries, etc. to extend either of these tools (or another tool altogether) that make it easy for someone who only occasionally puts together a web page create eZ templates? I rely heavily on code completion and prefer WYSIWYG/M type tools. Clean XHTML code is a must.

Suggestions for commercial tools are welcome as well. I’ve looked at TextMate and if Dreamweaver CS4 is the cat’s meow, I’ll spring for it. One tool that I just bumped into is Sandvox Pro, but I’m a little leery that it might not be robust enough and/or trample the code.

Thanks. I’m really looking forward to diving in to eZ publish!

Avatar brookinscons... 5 post(s)

Hello geekartiste,

We find a number of professions standardizing on Eclipse IDE for use with eZ Publish. I say stick with Eclipse. It’s cross platform, stable, well maintained with amazing support all around.

There are also tools available for it, several in fact. Here are some related links, information, software and discussions.…………



Brookins Consulting

Avatar geekartiste 6 post(s)

Great reply. From what I’ve seen of Aptana (an Eclipse derivative), the IDE is nicely done. I’ll check it out once I get a testing server running.


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