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Question: Is eZ Components installed in BitNami by default?

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Avatar brookinscons... 5 post(s)

It has been a while since I’ve last installed BitNami on a new machine.

I seem to remember having to install the required (for normal use within ezpublish 4.0, [0,1]) pear channel contents of ezcomponents myself with the Bitnami php pear installation in order to use the eZ Publish installation properly.

This seemed confusing to me at the time since eZ Publish requires eZ Components be installed more often even specific versions per eZ Publish release. I thought, ahh something they missed and went on configuring it to work properly myself.

Leaving me still with a haunting question … Is eZ Components installed by default, out of the box via pear, within the default apache / php / pear software installed with BitNami by default? 2

If Yes; Could you please document which version is installed per release and how it is configured?

If No; Why not install all the required software to make functional use of eZ Publish out of the box?

Also if No; Have you documented completing this part of the required software installation in your readme installation instructions? We think documenting within the README that ezcomponents is also required and show a command example of how to install it or link to the installation instructions to properly explain to people that this software must all so be installed in order to use the Bitnami installation of eZ Publish in any development situation.

eZ Publish and eZ Components installed together make a great (or at least proper working) combination.

Thank you for your continued support. Apologies if my statements are in error or incorrect.

Brookins Consulting


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Let me check with the development team.

Avatar Fermín 9 post(s)

No, we have not used pear to install eZcomponents, but we have just bundled this tarball (from official download page) in eZ-Publish Bitnami Stack:


….which is supposed to include eZ-components.

Also we include this eZpackages for 4.1 with the installation (deployed at [installdir]/htdocs/var/storage/packages/eZ-systems/ directory):

ezflow_site.ezpkg ezwebin_design_cleangray.ezpkg ezflow_classes.ezpkg ezwebin_banners.ezpkg ezwebin_design_gray.ezpkg ezflow_democontent.ezpkg ezwebin_classes.ezpkg ezwebin_extension.ezpkg ezflow_design.ezpkg ezwebin_democontent.ezpkg ezwebin_site.ezpkg ezflow_extension.ezpkg ezwebin_design_blue.ezpkg

During wizard setup it seems to extract these eZpackages properly

I don’t know if there is anymore to do after the installation, but there is no problem to update documentation if it is needed, or doing whatever you could suggest to improve the stack.

Best regards.

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