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Request: in eZ Publish Stack (osx.x86 installer)

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Hello Everyone,

We have been doing more testing with the most recently release eZ Publish BitNami Stack for MacOS X (X86)

We installed both the ezpublishstack and the mampstack + ezpublish-module for comparison.

It seems that for the less educated users are regarding shell scripts used to start the stack (apache/mysql) would be better off installing the mampstack and ezpublish-module instead of the ezpublishstack because it includes a very useful GUI Control App (‘Control’) which makes starting the stack (apache/mysql) much simpler.

We wonder if it would be possible to include this very helpful and useful macos application in the osx.×86 installer of the ezpublishstack as well, so that users who instead install simply the ezpublishstack directly instead of the mampstack + ezpublish-module (using the osx.×86 installer (at least, any os with gui installers)) can quickly control the map stack with a gui application.

Brookins Consulting

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Thanks for your feedback. We will considerer to include this tool for all OS X Stacks. I will add this task in our TODO list.


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