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Connecting to Bitnami, Mantis

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Avatar blewis999 4 post(s)

I have never used Mantis before.but have have installed Mantis using the BitNami stack, successfully on Windows 7 x64. I can access the Mantis administrator account and add users on the local machine that is running Mantis. However we need to access Mantis from a remote machine accross the net. This is where we have a problem, we are timing out.

I set the Apache port to 3030, and added portforwarding to the router as… 3030 Mantis TCP

We are using, where is our host.

Is this the correct way to access mantis? We are getting a timeout. I realize these are setup questions but I have never used Mantis before and am not sure what I am missing.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Is it possible that you do not have open the 3030 port in your system? Check the firewall configuration, the application does not have any restriction.

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