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Help please! Subdomains setup

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Avatar Crimson 1 post

I am totally new to Wordpress and Bitnami seems to be the perfect answer. I’ve installed in on a clients Windows 7 64 bit per local hosting and testing. the problem is she has just now informed me that she requires different sections of the blog/website which includes a store area and a membership area. after researching i learned this requires subdomains.I need to set up the site under localhost.local domain and perhaps change the hosts file ? can someone please inform me how to set up the subdomain process per my bitnami installation. since i also need to install under my windows xp . should i install under localhost.domain instead of local host or is it that you must modify certain files no matter what ? is localhost always the default when running locally ? I really appreciate any help or assistance that anyone can provide . Thanks

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

You can find info about how to create a VirtualHost at

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