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Confusion in table design for BI Report

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I was given the output of a sample report as below to generate one as a POC,

Year 2000 2001 Growth
Product sales sales sales
Total 1600 1800 12.5%
—Audio CD 600 900 50.0%
-Video CD 500 250 50.0%
-Books 500 650 30.0%
-—-Fiction 300 300 00.0%
-—-Non-fiction 200 350 75.0%

For the above BI Report, I can plan my mondrian xml to have

Dimension as Year, Product
Measures as Yearly sales (2000, 2001)
and finally
Growth sales as a calculated member in mdx query.
Assuming my above conventions are correct,

how many tables should I create, and
on which key field, should I have to set the parent child relationship across tables
I am confused in designing the tables, so can you please pass the sql scripts required to create the table ?retail

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