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Jasper Server Vs Jpivot

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Avatar retail 9 post(s)

As part of my POC, I was asked to generate a Business Intelligence Analysis report using any free tool .
I ended up completing two seperate POC one using Jasper Server and the other using Jpivot (deploying Jsp custom tags in tomcat).

Now I am unable to decide whether to use Jasper Server / Jpivot for my Project. But I am sure there should be some appropriate situation as to when we should go for Jasper Server or JPivot.

I beleive, using Jasper Server and JPivot tags together in the same project doesen’t make any sense.
As per my understanding both can be used for generating BI Analysis Report in its own way. But I cant think beyond that.
Can you distinguish and also find out the similarities by comparing Jasper Server Vs Jpivot, and also let me know the Pros & Cons ?

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Hi retail,

I think I have mentioned this before. This forums aims to covert those issues related with the installation of the BitNami stacks. Based on our expertise or the users experience we can provided support for not related installation issues, however for this kind of questions you may find more help in the JasperServer forums.