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Permission denied to copy files

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Avatar ksraghavendra 4 post(s)

I am unable to copy files to the following path-
I am getting the following error message-
Cannot create remote file “/opt/bitnami/jboss/server/default/conf/xyz.jad”
Permission denied.
Error code: 3
Error message from server: Permission denied
Request code: 3

Similarly unable to copy files to “lib” folder in the same path. I am trying to copy the files thru WinSCP.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


This is a permission issue. You can try to change the JBoss permissions to that folders if you want to manage from WinSCP. Log in the machine and run:

$ sudo chown -R bitnami /path/to/folder.

Take into account the security issues that some files should not be writable for security reasons.