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Multiple error messages

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Avatar moloko 1 post

Hello, I am attempting to use Bitnami to install Joomla on a Mac Os 10.4.11. When I run the Bitnami install wizard, multiple error signs begin to pop up. I have gone into my sharing folder and enabled Web file sharing.
When I launch Joomla, the program opens a safari window and attempts to connect but to no avail.

I’m rather new at this so I feel like I’m missing a major piece of the puzzle here. Is there anyway I can get this installed without having to tinker around in Terminal?

Here are the error messages I keep getting:

The first message that pops up during installation says there is an "Error running / applicaitons/joomla…/mysql…….

it goes on to say it cannot execute binary file.

  1. The second message says there is an error running PHP (this message pops up twice by the way.
    Then I get a message saying there was an error running “@@BITROCK_APACHE_ROOTDIR@@”
    (This pops up twice too)

Okay, sorry for the long-winded question. And I understand if you don’t want to answer all this, seeing as how I’m a newbie to opensource web design. Could you at least let me know if I should just give up and try some other software?

Thanks, sincerely.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


It is strange. Could you attach the /your/installation/directory/mysql/data/mysqld.log file?

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