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Document Indexing Issues

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I recently installed the virtual machine image of KnowledgeTree 3.6.1 (Ubuntu) using VMWare. I’ve spent many hours trying to get the document indexing up and running, but to no avail. Admittedly, I am most definitely a “newbie” when it comes to Unix environments, so grain of salt and all that.

Here’s what I’ve done to solve some of the issues out of the box. Any suggestions or tips are welcome:

(1) OpenOffice installation. I successfully installed OO using modified instructions outlined here:…. OO is needed to index documents.

(2) At the same time, I installed the latest version of Java Runtime, then started as a headless service. Instructions at the above link.

(3) I manually installed pstotext from the command line using “sudo apt-get install pstotext”

(4) I verified that the index folder had write priveleges.

(5) Finally, I went through the steps outlined here:…

After these steps, the indexer still will not run. The administrative console shows that the documents are queued, and that all dependencies are being met for indexing, but it will not run.

If anyone has been able to get this up and running, please let me know!

A few other random observsations:

+ Gmail cannot be used as the STMP server

+ I could not find an easy way to access the machine via FTP

+ It does appear to be possible to install Xubuntu desktop without impacting the KnowledgeTree installation

+ The root KnowledgeTree folder is located at /opt/bitnami/apps/knowledgetree/htdocs/

+ To customize the company logo, you need to use chmod -r 777 /opt/bitnami/apps…etc. (to resoruces folder)

That is all!

Suggestions are welcome!


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Thanks for the notes, this post will be helpful for other users. Could you post the output of the following command?

java -jar ktlucene.jar &

Avatar stupidpoetic... 2 post(s)

bitnami@linux:~$ java -jar ktlucene.jar &
1 1875
bitnami@linux:~$ Unable to access jarfile ktlucene.jar

1+ Exit 1 java -jar ktlucene.jar

Hmmm….not sure exactly what this means, but perhaps the lucene installation is not working correctly? I believe that is what holds the index?

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I’m having similar problems. You have to run the java command from the directory where the jar file is (under /opts somewhere – try ‘find /opts -name ktlucene.jar -print’ to find it. Didn’t really help me though – it exited after a while. Also openoffice isn’t installed and the version it asks to download no longer exists on the mirrors. I’m currently downloading 3.2.1 (which will prolly crap it out…).

It might be that this bitnami vm is just broken and needs to removed. Either it needed some more testing or the builders got a bit lazy.

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Thanks for reporting it. We will update the KT version and we willl Include OpenOffice too. The lucene server seems working well running manually, Anyway we will check it in the new version.