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document store and data

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Avatar kahem 23 post(s)

how do i know where does knowledge tree store the data and the uploaded documents. how can i change the directory for documents?


Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi kahem,

Documents are stored at <installationfolder>/apps/knowledgetree/var/Documents. I don’t know the answer to the other questions, try browsing the official documentation here


Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi again,

Adam from KnowledgeTree was kind enough to have a look to the thread and answer both of us. I paste his words below:

Metadata and version history are stored directly in the database. Documents by default are stored in “<knowledgetree directory install>/documents”, however, this can be changed by editing the “config.ini” file:
1. Open the following file in a text editor <knowledgetree directory install>\config.ini
2. Locate the following line and change the directory to your preferred path:
documentRoot = C:/Program Files/ktdms/Documents
3. Save the file.

Thanks again Adam!

Avatar kahem 23 post(s)

thanks a lot , Antonio and Adam!