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KT install

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Avatar kahem 23 post(s)

I wanted to know if there is any difference in the KT install using the Bitnami stack compared to the open source version avalaible in KT site?
Does one have more features? Capability vs the other?


Avatar kahem 23 post(s)

Am asking specific comparisoon between community edition and bitnami stack!

Avatar victoria Administrator 134 post(s)

Hi kahem,

The main difference is that BitNami stack does not contain Open Office (yet), but also that BitNami KnowledgeTree supports OS X.

Best regards,


Avatar kahem 23 post(s)

THanks Victoria. SO this means I can use the bitnami stack version for my team as a knowledge management solution!
Also, I wanted to know where the data is stored for whatever data is input/uploaded onto the kt stack. my sql database stores everything would be my guess. but what would be the best way to partition the data from the application itself!