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KT webservice access very slow on Mac OS X

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Avatar zstorok 1 post

I’ve downloaded and installed the current BitNami KnowledgeTree stack on my MacBook (Mac OS 10.4.11, JDK 1.5.0_13) for development purposes. It runs fine when using it from the web interface but when I try to access it via the webservice interface (using the Apache Axis 1.4 JAVA library) it takes approx. 10-15 seconds to log in, another 20-30 seconds to get the root folder contents (with just a couple of files and folders). I also tried enabling Lucene since currently it doesn’t happen automatically for the Mac OS X installer, but it didn’t help. I couldn’t get KT to connect to OpenOffice yet, but I don’t think this might be the reason for the slowness.

Does anyone else have this issue with KT webservices on any platform?

Any idea or advice would be highly appreciated!


Avatar antonio 621 post(s)

Hi zstorok,

KnowledgeTree is not officially supported on OS X. Anyway, we redirected your question to the KnowledgeTree development team.