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Problem indexing documents

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Avatar siwelb 2 post(s)

After successfully installing KnowledgeTree version 3.6.1 on a RHEL 5 server, I uploaded several text files and an .xlsx file. I noticed that none of the documents were being indexed, so I wasn’t able to search within the documents themselves. When I checked the “Document Indexer and External Resource Dependency Status” under “Searching and Indexing”, I noticed there was an error message regarding not being installed. So after I installed that, the message went away. I then rescheduled all documents to be re-indexed. However, the documents are staying in the queue and aren’t being indexed at all. I even went in the database and checked the table “index_files” and noticed that both “processdate” and “status_msg” were null. Any suggestions as to what I should do next?


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


I’m not a KnowledgeTree expert but I think that it is possible that the application requires to start OpenOffice as server. Try to start OpenOffice using the following command:

$ soffice -nofirststartwizard -nologo -headless -accept=socket,host=localhost,port=8100;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager

I hope it helps.

Avatar siwelb 2 post(s)

I was able to start the OOo server successfully (checked that process was running by executing “ps -ef | grep soffice”) and rescheduled the documents to be indexed. However, I am still not seeing any indexing activity at all. There is still one message under “Document Indexer and External Resource Dependency Status”:

The following extractors are not available and may affect indexing of certain document types:
PostScript Text Extractor

  • Message: Cannot locate binary for PostScript Text Extractor (pstotext).
  • no help for PSExtractor
  • Affected file formats: ps

I don’t have any .ps files, though, so I don’t think should be affecting anything. I also checked the respective log file under $KT_HOME/apps/knowledgetree/htdocs/var/log but nothing had been written to it.

Avatar shyokou 8 post(s)

It is possible that the PS is used as an intermediate format between other non-cross-platform ones … thus, it becomes a must like the EMF on windoze …

Avatar timheger 5 post(s)

I have installed the OSX version and am having the same type of problems – all my documents are sitting in the queue and nothing is being indexed. No errors or issues in the logs… see attached screen shot of the Indexer Stats.


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Avatar ibbwhobu 1 post

I’m experiencing the same issue with an Ubuntu install of 3.6.1 – all my documents are sitting in the queue and nothing is being indexed. There are no errors in the logs that I can see. There are warnings about missing apps, or non-running apps in the administration screens relating to searching and indexing.

Has anyone figured this issue out?

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Check the following:

$ ./ status

The Lucene server should be running. If not try to start it “./ start lucene”.

Then go to the following url:


Check now the indexer stats. To run the document processor periodically you should to create a cron task. You can find more info at

I hope this helps you.