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Can I use LifeRay native stack for live site ?

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Avatar LifeRay User 2 post(s)


I want to use LifeRay for about 20 different sites so I would like the easiest way to install it.

Can I install the LifeRay native stack on a vps for a live site ?

I set up LifeRay cloud image on Amazon successfully but I am not comfortable with Amazon EC2 pricing.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Yes, you can install the Stack on any platform. Take into account that you should have console access in your vps.

Avatar Daniel Lopez Administrator 140 post(s)

Take into account Java stacks like LifeRay and Alfresco are memory-intensive so make sure the VPS have enough allocated RAM. Also, you may be able to lower the price you pay Amazon with dedicated instances or, depending on the criticality of your app, use spot pricing: If your bid is, say, $0.05 then you have a big chance the instances are going to be up for months

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