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Running an existing LifeRay site in BitNami

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Avatar Dale 1 post

I’m a front-end guy, and I confess ignorance of Apache/Tomcat/MySQL server configuration. I was hired by Company X to maintain existing LifeRay sites as well as build new ones, so I installed BitNami so I could mess around with the sites locally.

BitNami fired up its bundled version of LifeRay like a charm – well done! However, it’s been a challenge getting an existing site to work.

Noting that the directory structure inside “my” site was similar to the structure inside apachetomcat/webapps, I substituted (by renaming) my site directory for apachetomcat/webapps, but that didn’t work. Concluding that there was something inside the original apachetomcat/webapps that was necessary to run my site, I tried keeping it intact, but swapped out “my” liferay directory for the default one. Still no luck.

I will note that my site is built in LifeRay v4.3.

It’s clear that I need to learn a bit more about just what components are necessary to let me run my existing site in BitNami. Any help would be appreciated.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

Hi Dale,

There are two configuration files that you need to copy: apache-tomcat/webapps/liferay/META-INF/context.xml which contains the database parameters and the apache-tomcat/webapps/lifeary/WEB-INF/classes/ which configures the portal properties. If you have data in your existing Liferay you should to import into the BitNami MySQL database. What is the exact error that you see? could you post the errors that shows the apache-tomcat/logs/catalina.out log file?

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