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Can't login to phpMyAdmin

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Avatar napolux 1 post

Hello there, I’ve installed version 1.2.0 but I can’t login to phpmyadmin…

Of course password for the root account is correct as I set during the installation process and I can login from terminal.

How can I solve this issue?

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

The default user for phpMyAdmin is “administrator” and the password is the same that you set during the installation.

Avatar kgingeri 5 post(s)

THis would be good to put in the README.txt file as that is the first place I went looking for it as a Mac user. I tried “root” and my own username and got frustrated and came looking here – wonder how many have done the same? Just my2cents worth ;v)

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

thanks, we will improve the documentation.

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