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Coppermine App Behind Current Version

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Avatar gsownsby 6 post(s)

After getting my Bitname stack and the Coppermine App up and running, I noticed that it is pretty far behind the current release of Coppermine. While I do not mean to sound critical, releases are published for new features and often for security fixes.

If Bitnami is unable to keep an app very close to its current release, how can we, as end-users, update apps to their current release? I was looking into Bitnami as I saw it as a simpler way to install/manage apps and their interdependencies and pre-requisites rather than doing that myself.

For me, an app being several releases behind may not be a good trade-off for simplified installation and management of that app.

How is this situation going to be addressed by Bitnami? Thanks.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


You are right, we are concentrating our efforts to have updated the most downloaded apps. We will update Coppermine as soon as possible.

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